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IJKA International gasshuku (training camps) are held annually in Yokohama, Japan as well as internationally. Permission to attend gasshuku must be requested in writing from the IJKA SA Chief Instructor. Candidates must be 1st Dan (Shodan) and above and of an acceptable standard. Only students who are affiliated, and active in their training, will be eligible to attend gasshuku. IJKA SA will invite the IJKA International Chief Instructor and other senior international instructors, from time to time, to visit South Africa and all IJKA SA Dojo Heads are encouraged to attend and support these gasshuku with their senior students. The IJKA SA gasshuku and events are open events and any shotokan practitioner is welcome to attend.

Dojo Heads are allowed to host their own dojo tournaments. However, an IJKA SA Provincial Championships will be held annually in time to select a team for the IJKA SA National Championships to be held annually in October each year. The Provincial Head will oversee the selection of the Provincial team (i.e. students who placed in the top 3 in each division) to be selected for the annual IJKA SA National Championships. The Provincial Head will also ensure that all entries for the IJKA SA National Championships are timeously submitted to the IJKA SA Tournament Manager. The IJKA SA National Championships will be the premier event for selection of an IJKA SA National Team to represent IJKA South Africa at international events such as the IJKA World Karate Championships held every 3 years.


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